Location: Sankt Pölten (AT)
Program: Urban plan + Mixed Use
Client: Ville de Sankt Pölten
Timetable: competition 2015
The aim of the project is to create a positive and satisfactory harmony between the different areas of the city to make sure that the strategic site becomes a vibrant new environmentally friendly part of the community.The position of the site gives it the opportunity to become the entrance of Traisen’s Valley into the city. With this intention, we try to conserve most of the existing vegetation and purchase the connection of natural corridor by proposing structured plots around vegetation and playgrounds.Based on futur Sankt Pölten developement, we propose different connections in order to establish a continuity between our site, leisure facilities, commercial, cultural and sport activities in the surroundings. This connections establish the position of the futur access and paths.We suggest multi-functional life structures that combines the existings St Pölten housing characters (Stacked single family-homes and multistorey housing) into a architectural hybrid. The habitat is organized into blades of habitat placed on the slope, which frame the semi-public spaces.The main purpose is to create an area the community could use spontaneously along with outsiders. A living place with supportive local community, where inhabitants can share experiences, history and high quality of the landascape.