Location: Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (91) 
Program: Construction of 43 dwellings sociaux. Hi-quality sustainbility certification NF habitat HQE 
Client: SORGEM
Calendrier: Competition february 2019
Team: CALMM + archi5 + Facéa + Tamarmedia + amanografica
The clear geometry of the building respects the structure of the general floor plan. By its location and the shape of the parcel, the plot becomes a landmark. This particular situation and our ambition to create an open living space led us, by slight inflections between volumes, to achieve a central square. The project is structured in 3 volumes. The first marks the main entrance through the public path and a second the direct secondary entrance to the heart of the plot. The project finish neighborhood's urban landscape by strengthening links with nature. By adapting its form to the vegetation heritage, the position of the volumes inserted between the trees invites to contemplation of nature. The brick façades reinforce coherence with future neighboring buildings.