Location: Alcoy (ES) 
Program: Multifunctional structure + Urban Plan
Client: City of Alcoy
Timetable: Competition 2017 
Team: CALMM 

We see the DUSI strategy as a tool that can change the notion of movement in Alcoy. In order to strengthen this triangular path, we think it is essential to locate existing urban voids to reactivate and connect them to the development strategy.

The economic situation and the objective of complementing the uses, programming and supply of the UPV and Rhodes block lead us to propose a platform of community exchange in which the people help each other to develop and implement individual and collective projects thanks to a shared database.

As a metaphor of a transparent and open society, the building is positioned to create a visual relationship between the various activities developed in it. The platform is a workplace dedicated to creation, research and search for shared solutions. An engine of technical progress that ensures the continuity between scientific research and the development of new products. A place where people from all disciplines and all organizations can meet.




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