Location: Seraing, Belgium
Program: Urban plan + Mixed Use
Client: SPI + Arcelor Mittal
Timetable: competition 2013

The project was named “Synergy” because its aim is to create a positive and satisfactory harmony between the various areas of the city and the environment.

The urban strategy is to colonize all the available space of the ‘strategic site’ and give Seraing a common urban aspect trought a frame adapted to the pre-existing urban structure, the morphology and take  into account the movements of the sun.

Modern evolutional type of dwellings will be organized around a central commun green courtyard.The vegetable patches will be communicating and shared amongst its dwellers to increase productivity and encouraging cultural exchanges..

We fomalized public spaces trying to exploit the special topography of the site and taking into account the natural components of the site (elevations, river ...).