Location : L'Eliana (ES)
Program: Energy renovation and extension of a  house
Client : Private
Timetable: 2020
Team: CALMM + Joan Sanz Dopateo

Located on the banks of the Granolera stream, the plot enjoys a very attractive landscape with marked topography; however, the morphology of the existing house does not contribute to the enjoyment of it. The existing volume is made up of unrelated additions that have been incorporated into the original house to satisfy the immediate needs of its inhabitants. These annexes have ended up forming a heterogeneous volume 

The proposal starts from the idea of ​​studying the evolutionary process of the house to transform it by enhancing the authenticity of the traditional Valencian construction. This analysis allows us to reinterpreting the existing volume to give it a clear and homogeneous geometry that ensures its future adaptability. This homogenization process is also the strategy adopted to ensure energy transformation as it gives the volume greater compactness and therefore greater energy efficiency. With this objective, the project plans to dismantle a part of the house to later recover and reuse its materials and form a new, more compact volume.

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