Location: Romainville, France
Program: Quartier productif et aménagements paysagers
Client: Ville de Romainville
Timetable: Concours 2019 
Team: CALMM 

The existing urban spaces between the main roads and the edges of cities have become non-places (“non-lieux”) where urban life doesn't exist. The presence of large traffic flows increases the productive passivity of these residential neighborhoods. The demolition of the A186 and its replacement by an urban boulevard will certainly make a positive difference to life along this urban axis, however it does not define the character of the lands between the habitat and the future T1 line.

We see these wastelands as undefined land where all, or nothing, might happen.  From an urban point of view, to assure that these lands become productive, they must be analyzed exhaustively, not only according to a common strategy but also on a case-by-case basis. The precise analysis of their morphologies, in relation to their immediate environments, will allow us to determine how form and use might be adapted to identifiable, recognizable.

Our goal is to reclaim the urban space of the neglected tram by identifying the undefined lands, in order to create a system of links between them. This new framework reinforces the exchanges between the two platforms of the tramway, ensuring that it does not become a new frontier.