Location :Boulogne-Billancourt (92)
Program: Townhouse
Client: Private
Timetable: Completed 2022
Pictures: Rodrigo Apolaya
The plot is located in Villa Ronsard, a small road perpendicular to Boulevard Jean Jaurès, the main commercial axis of Boulogne-Billancourt. By its morphology, the villa constitutes a real barrier facing the large boulevard flows and gives the plot a resolutely bucolic character. The plan is strictly within the perimeter of the existing hangar. The challenge is to replace a 60 m² hangar with a 140 m² townhouse while keeping the same size. It is with this goal that we create a basement level and straighten part of the roof. The other half remains tilted to respect the solar gain of neighboring houses. . The voids around which the living areas are structured and the terraces planted to the north of the plot allow the rooms located on the lower level to be illuminated. The roof spaces accommodate the bedrooms for children.